The United Nations World Water Development Report 2016 presented today at the European Parliament

The MEP Water Group chaired by MEP Esther De Lange (Vice-Chair of the EPP Group), in cooperation with the UN World Water Assessment Programme (WWAP) of UNESCO, UN-Water and the UNESCO Liaison Office in Brussels, organised a public session today at the European Parliament to present the main findings of the United Nations World Water Development Report (WWDR) 2016 on “Water and Jobs”.

« No water, no jobs, no potatoes, no kidding, we need water! » stated Stan Uhlenbrook, coordinator of the World Water Assessment Programme (UNESCO) when presenting the main messages and findings from the WWDR 2016. It indeed reveals that 78% of jobs constituting the global workforce are currently dependent on water, emphasising the absolute need to adapt to increasing water stress. The understanding of the pervasive role of water resources, infrastructure and services in economic growth has been stated as an urgent priority along with the necessity to invest in water-related infrastructure for it can generate a significant multiplier effect on job creation in other sectors.

Sustainable water management is not only an environmental issue. Combined with access to safe and reliable supply of water and appropriate sanitation services, it helps create an enabling environment for economic growth and resilient societies.

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