Here is the list of our published project deliverables. 34 deliverables are due by the end of the project.

Deliverable 3.4 - Recommendations for improved energy management in WWTPs

Deliverable 4.1- Experience and performance data for the implimentation of nitritation on a two stage WWTP

Deliverable 4.2 - Successful design of the full-scale membrane ammonia stripping

Deliverable 4.3 - Operation and optimisation of membrane ammonia stripping

Deliverable 4.4 - Decision support for finding the appropriate resource and energy optimised SDE treatment technology

Deliverable 5.1 - Proposition of POWERSTEP process schemes and WWTP reference models

Deliverable 5.2 - Recommendations for WWTP operators, municicipalities and WWTP technology providers willing to engage in renewable energy market

Deliverable 5.3 - Market analysis and economical impact studies

Deliverable 5.4 -Technology dossiers to apply for ETV

Deliverable 5.5 - Recommendations for ecoefficient new concepts of energy positive WWTP