We are committed to deliver disruptive technologies and pave the way towards the WWTP of the future.

Boris Lesjean, Veolia


Here is the list of our published project deliverables. 34 deliverables are due by the end of the project.

Deliverable 1.1 - Optimised design of the microscreen and periphery for primary filtration

Deliverable 3.1 - Best practices for improved sludge digestion

Deliverable 4.1- Experience and performance data for the implimentation of nitritation on a two stage WWTP

Deliverable 4.2 - Successful design of the full-scale membrane ammonia stripping

Deliverable 5.1 - Proposition of POWERSTEP process schemes and WWTP reference models

Deliverable 6.1 - Target-oriented communication plan

Deliverable 6.2 - Visual identity, flyer and website

Deliverable 6.3 - Communication kit for demosites

Deliverable 6.4 - Innovative website