Theoretically, the wastewater contains more energy than what is being consumed for its treatment

Jason He, Virginia Tech


What are the expected impacts?

  • Prove the concept of WWTPs as net-energy producers.
  • Directly impact the energy bill of municipalities.
  • Create jobs and economic growth by transforming WWTPs into energy facilities.
  • Quickly deploy solutions and concepts that further nourish national and EU programmes for renewable energies, smart-grids and ‘power-to-gas’.
  • 95% of European countries have an average electricity price between € 0.08 and € 0.12/KWh for industrial consumers. In other words, cost-efficient solutions proposed by POWERSTEP will be virtually applicable all over Europe!
  • Innovative solutions for market replication: POWERSTEP activities will benefit existing business plans of technology providers through market analysis, Environmental Technology Verification, and more.
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