POWERSTEP answers to the public consultation on EU-ETV

POWERSTEP project partners Veolia Water Technologies and Electrochaea have taken part in the recently launched public consultation on the EU-ETV Pilot Programme as technology proposers, to provide feedback on their experience with the scheme and the verification process. 

Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) provides independent verification of the performance of environmental technologies. ETV is intended for technologies with innovative features that cannot be fully assessed through certification or labels.

After more than three years of operation, the EU-ETV Pilot Programme is currently being evaluated before deciding on the way forward.

As part of the evaluation, a public consultation was launched on 31 July and it is an opportunity for stakeholders to provide valuable insights on their awareness of the Pilot Programme, on how well it has worked, on the benefits and drawbacks of the ETV process, as well as on the future scope and direction of the scheme.

Veolia Water Technologies and Electrochaea are currently verifying the performance of two key technologies of the POWERSTEP project in order to improve market access of their innovative processes. The technologies are Veolia's hydrotech microscreens used as primary treatment technology for municipal wastewaters and an innovative biological methanation technology by Electrochaea.


Read here the POWERSTEP project consortium's answer to the consultation.


All citizens and stakeholders are welcome to contribute to the consultation. Technology developers, small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), technology users and innovation experts are particularly encouraged to contribute.

The public consultation is available in nine languages (CZ, DA, DE, EN, ES, FI, FR, IT and PL) on the European Commission’s website. It will be open until 10 November 2017.