Free energy audit of your city wastewater treatment plant !

Did you know that organic matter contained in EU municipal wastewater accounts for an energy potential equivalent to 12 large power stations?

In 2017, POWERSTEP partners will offer free energy audits of wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) to 10 European municipalities!

Selected applicants will enjoy the access to detailed information on their WWTP energy profile and will receive a full audit report with recommendations tailored specifically to the WWTP of the municipality, which will indicate steps to improve its energy balance and mitigate associated greenhouse gas emissions using technologies demonstrated in the POWERSTEP project. 

At all times, all data and private information will remain confidential, the roles and duties will be clearly defined in a cooperation agreement.

By implementing new concepts for wastewater treatment together with existing technologies, the POWERSTEP project aims at                      demonstrating that energy positive wastewater treatment plants are not only possible but also cost-efficient while maintaining the quality of treated wastewater.

All European municipalities are welcome to apply! The selection of the 10 candidates will aim to ensure the widest possible geographical and technology coverage in order to secure the representativeness of the project’s results.

Any question? Contact Dr. Christian Remy of Berlin Centre of Competence for Water at  

Interested ? Fill in the online form before 31 December 2016 !