Are you ready to take the next Power Step for your wastewater treatment plant?

Get an Energy audit for free !

Did you know that organic matter contained in EU municipal wastewater accounts for a chemical energy potential equivalent to 12 large power stations?

The audit will allow your municipality to access detailed information on its wastewater treatment plant energy profile (electricity/heat demand and production) as well as to receive a full audit report with tailored recommendations to improve its energy balance. The benefits of applying cutting-edge technologies, such as the ones demonstrated under Powerstep, will be provided.

The audits will be carried out in the period January 2017 – December 2017 by the industry partner Veolia, using the energy audit software OCEAN. 


The call is now closed. The applications are currently being reviewed.  

Additional information

To know more about the POWERSTEP energy audits, please download the following documents.

  energy audit presentation EN  Energy audit presentation (English)
  energy audit presentation EN  Energy audit presentation (Deutsche)

You have a question? 

Contact Dr. Christian Remy of Berlin Centre of Competence for Water at  or at +49 30 53653 808.