Are you ready to take the next Power Step for your wastewater treatment plant?

Checking the implementation potential of POWERSTEP in 20 WWTPs across Europe!

POWERSTEP partner Veolia Germany will carry out free energy audits at 20 wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) in 9 different countries (DE, DK, SE, FR, IT, ES, GR, RO, BU) in order to propose case-specific solutions for energy-positive operation at each of these plants.

Based on the existing design of the plant and real data for electricity consumption and production, the audits will analyse the current energy profiles of the plants and develop specific scenarios to show the benefits of implementing the POWERSTEP concept in the WWTPs. The energy audits will be done using the existing software tool OCEAN which has been expanded to include the new POWERSTEP technologies and data.

The analysis will cover a wide range of WWTP sizes (2’000 to 1’400’000 population equivalents) and technologies in order to provide a conclusive picture of the potential replicability of the POWERSTEP concept in the real world! The results of the audits will be made available in a summary report at the end of the project.

Additional information

To know more about the POWERSTEP energy audits, please download the following documents.

  energy audit presentation EN  Energy audit presentation (English)
  energy audit presentation EN  Energy audit presentation (Deutsche)

Do you have a question? 

Contact Dr. Christian Remy of Berlin Centre of Competence for Water at or at +49 30 53653 808.